Virtual Writing Course


Virtual Writing Course




Reports indicate that over 75 percent of people want to write a book, and writing yours is the only real way to ensure your memories and legacy will live on for generations.

Welcome to, a 15-week online book writing course! Whether you choose the fiction or nonfiction track, you’ll learn everything you need to turn your thoughts and ideas into a manuscript that will become your book, making you a published author. VWC instructors have assisted in creating multiple bestsellers, giving you the confidence to write in your style and voice. Graduating students are awarded their official accreditation certificate at the annual Readers Legacy Choice Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Everything you need to know about writing a book is contained in the Virtual Writing Course 15-week tracks. You will learn how to:


• Outline your manuscript in a way that fits your writing style.

• Develop your theme, scope, or story into a working manuscript.

• Write, rewrite, and edit your work.

• Create and write the content, outline, or draft of your book that will propel you towards the next steps for publication.





Bonus: Included are marketing tips that will help you effectively promote your book.




You can extend your course time by purchasing extra weeks as needed. Upon course completion, your book is 100% eligible for publication.


Start today and make your dreams come true!